Parkside at Woodbridge

Welcome to Woodbridge Parkside Townhomes Community! We consist of eight buildings, 24 units total, and we are located inside of Master WOODBRIGE association which consists of single family homes. All of eight buildings of PARKSIDE TOWNHOMES are located in Phase II, please check map. in order to better understand master woodbridge association please check the map.

Important changes: starting January 2017, Woodbridge Parkside Townhomes budget increases by approximately 12% to cover deferred and increased maintenance costs. We are completing a state-required study of major replacement reserve fund needs and will provide updates when we have the results. A summary of initial findings is on the Reserve Study section.

Communication: Most communication including board meeting minutes, notes to homeowners, budget, contracts, and updates will be posted on this website.

Annual budget meeting: Board will hold our annual budget meeting on December 14th at 6:00 PM at Panera Bread (located at 17262 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052) to answer questions and to share more about the findings of the reserve study from Nov. 2016. For more information and details check 2017 Budget Notes.pdf and newly approved budget, located in budget section.

Upcoming projects

  • Nov. 29 - Old plants replacement Part I (front yards of 4 buildings located in front of Green Park area)
  • Roof inspection, gutter cleaning, fire alarm monitoring + maintenance to be scheduled

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