Private property rules

These are the specific rules in the categories enumerated as governable by the HOA the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions document (CC & Rs). Each has been voted for by the HOA directors in accordance with the by-laws agreed to by each owner.

Lawns and landscape

  • Grass must not exceed 8 inches.

  • No more than five weeds should be visible from any adjoining sidewalk (small sprouts aren't counted).

  • No completely brown or dead lawns due to lack of watering.

  • Holiday lights must be removed in January and are not permitted on homes year round.

  • Homeowners are responsible for trimming any plants or trees that overhang the sidewalk, up to a height of 6 feet. Tree branches above 6 feet do not require trimming.


  • Note: the rules cited below describe the spirit of the requirements. However, to make compliance and enforcement unambiguous, compliance is now strictly defined as follows. Please save a receipt of the date you get your service done, so that there is no need to debate your compliance at the required end date.

    Phase I and II homes must have had all faces, trim, and shutters completely repainted between the originally purchased paint job and the end of 2014.

    Phase III homes must have had all faces, trim, and shutters completely repainted between the originally purchased paint job and the end of 2015.

  • Paint must not be noticeably fading or chipped.

  • Shutters must not be visibly peeling from the sidewalk, or have patches of paint missing in patches larger than a square inch.

  • When repainted, houses must choose from the same set of color combinations originally designed for the neighborhood. Many of the combinations are specified here.

  • The color combination chosen must not be the same as any adjacent neighbors or directly across the street from your front door.


  • Any more than one square foot of contiguous moss coverage must be removed.

  • No plants growing out of the gutters or roof may be visible from a sidewalk.


  • Trash cans must be removed from the street by Wednesday night at 11:59pm. The cans must off the street and be past the sidewalk if there is one. If your cans are in an alley then the cans should be brought past the end of the house.

  • Loose trash on your property or sidewalk must be removed by Saturday morning, even if it was dropped by the garbage collectors or blew in with the wind.

The fine schedule for rules violations is:

  1. The first notice provides a deadline for compliance. No fine is issued at this time.
  2. Failure to meet that deadline results in a $25 fine and a second deadline.
  3. Failure to meet that deadline results in an additional $25 fine.
  4. After this, the HOA may purchase a remedy to the problem. The owner is liable for full repayment of this remedy.
  5. Failure to pay any of these costs within 60 days of their incurrence will result in a lien being placed on the house. Such liens are removed upon receipt of payment as well as reimbursement for all lien filing fees.

The exception to the above schedule is regarding trash rules:

  1. An owner's first violation in a calendar year results in a written warning.
  2. All subsequent violations result in a $25 fine.