House painting notes


  • When repainted, houses must choose from the same set of color combinations originally designed.

  • If you intend to change the color of your house, you must select a combination of colors from one of the 29 styles.
    The style must conform to these rules and it must be explicitly approved by the HOA architecture committee (
    The color combination chosen must not be the same as any adjacent neighbors or directly across the street from your front door.

  • You can purchase paint at Sherwin-Williams Paint Store near Woodbrige: 18014 Redmond Way Ste 45, Redmond WA 98052.
    The store has a folder for Woodbrige community and all representatives are aware and very helpful.
    Don't forget to ask for a discount! Up to 30% discount is available for Woodbrige Homeowners.

List of approved painting styles.